Diary Life | Päiväkirjaelämää | Dagbokslivet


Group show with Eugene Sundelius von Rosen, Babi Badalov, Jaakko Pallasvuo

Kohta, Helsinki

curated by Anders Kreuger

The diary used to be our most private and secret thing – until it wasn’t.

Think of all the diaries (sometimes with a little lock on them) pried open and read by those described in less than flattering terms on their pages. That scene is a common trope in literature, theatre and cinema, just like the diary entry as a narrative form.

Many diarists have dreamt – privately, secretly – about posthumously sharing their life with the interested public. Publishing diaries (and writers’ letters, and artists’ notebooks) has become a whole industry driven by our lust for illicit insight, and ultimately our hope that process will reveal itself as superior to product.

(text by Anders Kreuger)

selected comics and live-feed of instagram account

left: work byJaakko Pallasvuo)

below: publication

Photo: Jussi Tiainen