Konstantin circle of the gathering (2020) 

site/situation specific work, series of created, written, printed and scattered/hidden books in a library, shifting titles and dimensions

A series of unique titles and books of concocted, constructed academic literature placed in the library at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. Usually open for the public but more commonly visited by scholars, art students and alike, the space was now opened up and linked with the graduation show of the academy taking place in the rest of the building. Throughout the exhibition period of about a month, the books' shifted placement  as visitors would pick them up, library staff would put them back in to shelves from tables et cetra. Some were hidden and some were scattered on reading-tables. 

Titles were: 

1. Wiltering in the dark – growing by the mirror: A field study on everyday activity and anxiety in children and teenagers 

2. Tombstone of Trime – Daydreaming, architectureand displacement

3. Reassembling the Situation – Modality in perserverence: the friction and lives of gestgures

4. Delivery as Kinship 

5. Realities of Prixos:

A field study of experiences of environments and immersive consumability in chaos of belonging